Wanderson75 – Will Anderson

Known to the online world as wanderson75, Will Anderson is never afraid to offer an opinion on his likes and dislikes of modern culture including the Video Game Industry, Music, Social Networking and his love of the Chevrolet Impala.

Feel free to Google him up.  But you’ll catch all of the good stuff right here, or on the One A Day Bloggers page, as well as http://pnosker.com as a contributing writer.


Now we're cookin!


Why Wanderson75?

Wanderson75@hotmail.com came to be sometime in 2000 when I signed up for my first ever email account that wasn’t work related.  Wanderson1978 and Wanderson78 weren’t availble.  Neither were 77 or 76.  And it kind of…stuck.

The name stays, but that email is just a junk forwarder now.

What do you do?

For my day job, I’m a Systems Engineer.  I specialized in Client Management utilizing Systems Management Server 2003 and now System Center Configuration Manager 2007.  Currently I work for a Michigan based company handling all of the back office stuff.

By night, I’m a geek.  I drive my souped up Impala, act up, play video games, and now I blog…about my Impala, video games…and maybe acting up.  I got hooked on Twitter and thought I’d take it to the next logical step.  So here I am!

Comments and suggestions are always welcome.  If you’d like to contact me directly, you may do so at wanderson75@wanderson75.net.


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